New patio bar opens with pizzazz!

New patio bar opens with pizzazz!

It’s done! Twenty Mile House is thrilled to unveil its new brick patio and patio bar!

New patio for eco-friendly wedding venue in Northern California

“This is like a dream come true for me,” says exuberant owner Kevin Gage. “I’ve had this vision for making this place the ultimate wedding venue, and it came out better than I even thought it would.” The attractive addition opened in time for the estate’s first wedding May 19.

Outdoor patio bar forest wedding venueJust wait until you see what an improvement it’s made for the venue! The patio gives wedding parties a larger space for staging cocktail hours, rehearsal dinners, brunches and more.  There’s also bench seating wrapped around larger flower boxes and more space for dancing.


patio bar wedding outdoor venue

The bar and new entrance to the General Store greatly improves bar service with a sink, fridge and hot water!  The fully functional bar now has easy access to cold beverages, ice and glassware inside what was once Cromberg’s original post office in 1925. Yes, once a post office, now a patio bar!


Outdoor patio bar in eco-wedding venueAnd still more: you’ll now walk down a improved pathway lined with aspens that heads down to the train tracks and the enhanced ceremony site at the river.


What’s really amazing is how well this addition ties the eco-wedding estate together, with red brick blending in with the brick-walled Main House and lush grounds, and retaining the property’s historical character. There are even more plants and flowers, making it a truly exceptional outdoor setting.

Many thanks to Nick Polzak and his dynamite crew at Mountaincraft Landscaping of Cromberg, along with Dana Miller, Twenty Mile House’s bartender and facilities manager, for their amazing work in getting this project done in time for wedding season. Adds Kevin: “I really couldn’t have imagined a better wedding venue!”

Outdoor wedding venue in forest, Sierra Nevada

Twenty Mile House owners Karen Steele and Kevin Gage toast to their new patio bar, and look forward to welcoming 2012 wedding parties and their guests!

Expect to say “WOW” when you see it in person!

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