Top 10 Green Wedding Trends

Top 10 Green Wedding Trends

Green weddings are moving mainstream and are among the top five new wedding trends, according to Kate Harrison of the Green Bride Guide.  In a webinar last night, Harrison shared some of the latest ways for making your wedding more eco-friendly:

1. Paperless Invitations: Brides and grooms are using to send fine stationery over the Internet.

2. Green favors are the rage, especially tree and seed favors, organic and artisanal/Fair Trade products (jams, candy, syrup) and carbon offsets.
3. Do-it-yourself aisle runners, including flower petals, chalkboards, or avoiding disposable materials.
4. Local Flavor – hiring food-trucks or serving local microbrews, pastries, etc.
5. Vintage or DIY cake toppers, instead of those throwaway kind.
6. Wedding dresses that are two-in-one (for ceremony and reception)
7. Vintage accessories and hats.
8. Flower arrangements that mix in fruits or vegetables, or non-flower alternatives.
9. Green venues – staging weddings at farms, museums, vineyards or historic buildings  (i.e. Twenty Mile House) that cut down on the need to decorate and provide lush backdrops for photography.
10. Eco-friendly gift registry: To help steer your guests to buy green gifts!







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